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2022 Agenda

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Chair’s opening remarks
Keynote Address
PRI Update

Peter Dunbar, Private Equity Senior Specialist, PRI


Opening Debate
Will new ESG regulations work or will they result in even more box ticking?
  • Is SFDR putting too much pressure on private equity firms?
  • What do LPs actually want when it comes to ESG reporting?
  • Will new rules mis-proportionally impact smaller GPs?

Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Ravi Bhatt, Vice President, Responsible Investment, Apis Partners
Jan Gruter, Partner, Investment Management Team, Addleshaw Goddard
Amandeep Singh Johal, Legal Counsel Portfolio Governance, Triton

Panel discussion
ESG in the due diligence process
  • Can you take ESG seriously without making it a priority during the due diligence process?
  • Thinking about ESG DD as risk management
  • How to diligence a target through an ESG lens

Jennifer Forrest, Reporter, Real Deals

Graeme Ardus, Head of ESG, Triton
Rudi Pattni, Partner, Zetland Capital
Olivia Stolt-Nielsen Meinl, Director, Blue Horizon

Networking and coffee break
Expert interview
What is next on the ESG agenda for LPs

Alice Murray, Editor, The Drawdown

Matthieu Ducharme, Managing Director, Northleaf Capital Partners

Panel discussion
ESG talent and skill sets
  • Moving from dedicated personnel to firm-wide responsibility and behaviours
  • What skill sets do dedicated ESG personnel require?
  • Where to look: Which talent pools are best suited for ESG professionals?
  • Where do ESG personnel belong; deal teams, compliance, investor relations, communications or operations or across the business?

Kate Goodall, Head of ESG & Sustainability, PER

Martin Bang-Lowgren, Director, Polaris
Adam Black, Head of ESG, Coller Capital
Cathy Jones, Partner, Alderwood Capital
Aga Siemiginowska
, Head of Sustainability, Oakley Capital

Expert interview
Investing in a just transition
  • Ensuring investments address pressing environmental issues whilst also benefiting the societies and communities in which they operate

Sam Birchall, Features Editor, Real Deals

Michele Giddens, co-CEO, Bridges Fund Management

Lunch break

Panel discussion
The ESG tech wave
  • Integrating new standards and frameworks into data collection systems
  • ESG reporting: how can technology help?
  • Making the unstructured structured: ESG data governance
  • Investment opportunities in ESG tech: creating efficiencies and increasing sustainability

Krystal Scanlon, Deputy Editor, The Drawdown

Andreea Constantinescu, Partner, Planet First
James Brooks, Partner, Stanley Capital
Sarmad Naim,
Associate Director- Regulatory, IQ-EQ

Case studies
ESG as a value creator
  • How has ESG led to better returns
  • ‘From source to sale’ an ESG journey: tracking how a GP used ESG to create value

Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Case Study 1: Summa Equity - Sortera
Reynir Indahl, Managing Partner, Summa Equity

Networking and coffee break
Case studies

ESG as a value creator

  • How has ESG led to better returns
  • ‘From source to sale’ an ESG journey: tracking how a GP used ESG to create value

Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Case Study 2: Ambienta - Nactarome
Fabio Ranghino, Partner, Head of Sustainability and Strategy, Ambienta SGR

Panel Discussion
ESG alignment: Financing going beyond just a source of capital

Michael Zornitta, Fund Solutions, Investec

Tristan Craddock, Impact Fund Partner, Palatine
Briony Holcombe
, Senior Associate, Ashurst

Closing panel discussion: ESG at exit
  • Boosting returns by properly telling your ESG story
  • What do different buyers expect when it comes to ESG?
  • Communicating ESG efforts for IPO

Simon Thompson, News Editor, Real Deals

Marcus Archer, Managing Partner and Head of Private Equity, UK, Clearwater International
Martin Calderbank, Managing Partner, Agilitas
Ricardo Miró-Quesada, Partner, Head of Private Equity, Arcano

Chair’s closing remarks
Drinks reception